Green EZ Remove Furniture Stripper -  1/2 Gallon

Green EZ Remove Furniture Stripper - 1/2 Gallon

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Green EZ RemoveTM Furniture Stripper is a soy-based, high performance, environmentally safe stripping solution for quick and efficient remove of paints, varnishes, and related coatings from wood surfaces with minimal gumming and stickiness.


  • Heavy duty formula dissolves and removes paints and coatings without damaging wood.
  • Semi-gelled viscosity allows applications to vertical surfaces with minimal run off.
  • Slow dry time allows easy removal of multiple layers of coatings in a single application.
  • Low gumming formulations dissolves easily with rising for faster clean-up.
  • Contains no caustic agents minimizing potential health hazards.
  • Clear light amber color with virtually no odor.
  • Manufactures with biodegradable, renewable components.